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Images are available in a wide variety of sizes in order to accommodate 'your' needs



The standard presentation of images is  as infused aluminum.  Always wanting things the very best that they can be, I have found no better method.  The image shows as clear as crystal and smooth as glass.  The black­­-point and  reflective properties are unmatched.  Brilliant and stunning!


"I have had countless people over the years — collectors as well as professionals — looking for a light behind the image."  It is simply that good.


** Upon special request, images can be acquired in various substrates, including a photographic print or fine art paper.



Most images are as large as 60" — before framing; some can be even larger.   Smaller sizes are also offered to accommodate the needs of collectors.



Framing or Floating

Offered both framed and unframed.  The framing consists of 'triple frame with linen inset liner.  [custom framing also available to accommodate personal needs]  Unframed, they are ready to hang — floating off the wall about a half inch.



>> Free Delivery and Hanging <<

— within the Orange County Area —




No more than 92 will be produced of any image

[inclusive of all sizes]


Paying homage to my beloved Father —

who left a trail of smiles and laughs wherever he went,

there will be a limit on any given image produced.

At the age of 92, George Henry Rothage passed.